What is Precycling
Precycling is an easier and far cheaper alternative to recycling.  For instance how many bottles do you throw away every day.  I am sure it is a good number.  And when you add your total with the total of all the other Americans doing the same thing the numbers are pretty high and totally unnecessary. 
You can precycle by buying cleaning and other stuffs in concentrate form and reuse the bottles.  The bottles you see above are at the root of the precycling movement.  We will save far more resources if we never need to use them in the first place.  The bottles above are from Shaklee, a company that revolves around people, their health, and our plant. 

If we would buy all of our products in concentrate form and reuse bottles and other containers products would be far less is cost to you, financially and far better for the environment.   And, Shaklee is at the forefront of this movement. 

Their products are sold in concentrated form and are 100% organic.  No harm to the earth or your wallet.

So, the next time you are buying $60 or $70 worth of bottled goods try to think whether or not you can get that product in a non-toxic concentrate form.   Because you can!